Non Parochial Registers

By 'non parochial', we mean all registers of births/baptism, marriages and deaths/burials that we hold, but that are not Church of England parish registers.

Usually, these registers have come from another faith organisation, but the guide does include registers from workhouses and municipal cemeteries too.


D/N etc= Royal Berkshire Archive document reference
IGI = International Genealogical Index
MF = Royal Berkshire Archive microfilm number
TNA = The National Archives
RPC = Regents Park College, Oxford
T&I = Transcripts and indexes

Place Institution Lists Original Document Microform Copies Transcripts and Indexes
BradfieldTutts Clump Primitive Methodist ChapelSee Bradfield Primitive Methodist Circuit
BradfieldWorkhouseBirths 1836-1862G/B 29MF 25
BradfieldWorkhouseBaptisms 1845-1930,1944D/XGB 1/1MF 92703
BradfieldWorkhouseDeaths 1835-1842G/B 30MF 25
BradfieldWorkhouseBurials 1845-1917D/XGB 1/2MF 92704
BradfieldTutts Clump Primitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1843-1992D/MS 25
BrayCemetery, Windsor RoadMIsSearchroom
BrayFifield Village MissionRecords excluding registers 1897-1966D/N 27
BrayHolyport Wesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1923-1962D/MS 43
BrayHolyport Wesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Windsor Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
BrightwaltonPrimitive Methodist ChapelRecords excluding registers 1963-1973D/MS 46/1A/1
BrightwaltonWesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
BrightwellPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1881-1928Oxfordshire Record Office
BrimptonSociety of FriendsSee Newbury and Oare
BritwellMethodist ChurchBaptisms 1956-1960D/MS 13/5A/1
BritwellMethodist ChurchBaptisms 1961-1977D/MS 13/5A/2MF 21120
BritwellMethodist ChurchMarriages 1963-1978D/MS13/5B/1MF 94519
BucklandCatholic ChurchBaptisms 1753-dateAt churchC 1755-1998 (CD)
BucklandCatholic ChurchMarriages 1783-dateAt churchM 1856-1986 (CD)
BucklandCatholic ChurchBurials 1783-1848,1856-dateAt churchB 1856-1992 (CD)
BuckleburyCemeteryBurial fee books 1885-1930CPC 28/14/1
BuckleburyCemeteryBurial fee counterfoils 1931-1935CPC 28/14/3
BuckleburyCemeteryBurial fee counterfoils 1938-1942CPC 28/14/4
BuckleburyCongregational Church (Mortons Chapel)Baptisms c.1807-1836, 1849-1880D/N 37/8/1/1
BuckleburyCongregational Church (Mortons Chapel)1875-?Held locally
BuckleburyCongregational Church (Mortons Chapel)Marriages 1860-1880D/N 37/8/1/1
BuckleburyCongregational Church (Mortons Chapel)Marriages 1939-1955D/N 41/8/1/1
BuckleburyCongregational Church (Mortons Chapel)Burials 1851-1871D/N 37/8/1/1
BuckleburyCongregational ChurchBaptismsSee also Thatcham
BurghclerePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1832D/MS 90
BurghclerePrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
BurghfieldBurghfield Common Primitive Methodist ChapelSee Reading Primitive Methodist Circuit
BurghfieldWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Reading Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
BurghfieldBurghfield Common Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1942-1966D/MS 26/5A/1
BurghfieldSt Oswald's Catholic ChurchBaptisms 1962-dateDouai Abbey
BurghfieldSt Oswald's Catholic ChurchMarriages 1982-dateAt church
BurghfieldSt Oswald's Catholic ChurchBurials 1984At church
BurnhamLent Rise Wesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1921-1997D/MS 27
BurnhamWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee Windsor Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
BuscotPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Filkins Circuit, Oxon
CamberleyDistrict MidwifeBirths 1926-1935 [Closed for 100 years]D/H15/4/1/4
CavershamRokeby Congregational Mission HallRecords excluding registers 1897-1975D/N 52
CavershamCaversham Heights Methodist ChurchMarriages 1911-1994D/MS 30/5B/1-9
CavershamHemdean Road Cemetery (formerly Caversham Cemetery)Burials 1885-1993R/UC2/2/1-6
CavershamHenley Road CemeterySee Reading: Henley Road Cemetery
CavershamCaversham later Lower Caversham and Caversham Gosbrook Road Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1972-1988D/MS 29/5A/1
CavershamRokeby Congregational Mission Hall, Tokers GreenRecords excluding registers 1897-1898D/N 11/13/3
ChaddleworthWesleyan Methodist ChapelSee also Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
ChaddleworthWesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptismsD/MS 31
ChalveyPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Slough Ledgers Road
Charney BassetWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1917-1951Oxfordshire Record Office
Charter AlleyPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Silchester Primitive Methodist Circuit
Charter AlleyPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1860-1993D/MS 91
ChieveleySociety of Friends, OareSee Newbury and Oare
ChieveleyLong Lane Baptist ChurchMarriages 1970-1988D/N18/8/1/1
ChieveleyPrimitive Methodist ChurchMarriages 1917-1948D/MS4/5B/194506
ChieveleyPrimitive Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1831-1977See Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
ChieveleyWesleyan Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
ChildreyPrimitive & Wesleyan Methodist ChurchesRecords excluding registers 1810-1949Oxfordshire Record Office
Chiltern EdgeMethodist ChurchSee Gallows Tree Common
Chilton FoliatWesleyan Methodist ChurchSee also Hungerford Wesleyan Methodist Circuit
Chilton FoliatWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1847-1947D/MS 32
CholseyCounty Lunatic AsylumBurials 1894-1907D/P38/1/17MF 93071
CholseyCounty Lunatic AsylumBurials 1907-1917D/P38/1/18MF 93072
CippenhamMethodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1955-1965D/MS 33
ClewerDedworth Green Baptist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1890-1966D/N 27
ClewerDedworth Green Baptist ChurchBaptisms 1963-1999At church
ClewerDedworth Green Baptist ChurchRecords excluding registersD/N 48
ClewerCatholic ChurchBaptisms, marriages, burials 1833-dateWestminster Diocesan Archives
Clewer GreenCatholic Chapel, The HermitageBaptisms 1824-1868St Edward's Catholic Church, Windsor
Clewer GreenCatholic Chapel, The HermitageMarriages 1855-1868St Edward's Catholic Church, Windsor
Cold AshPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
Cold AshShaw CemeterySee Newbury
Cold AshPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1916-1948D/MS 34
ColeshillCemeteryBurials 1922-1925CPC40/14/1
ColnbrookPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1935-1971D/MS 109
ComptonBaptist ChapelRecords excluding registers 1851-1895D/N58
ComptonPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1909-1979D/MS 35
ComptonPrimitive Methodist ChapelSee Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
CookhamWesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1872-1890, 1897-1907, 1914D/MS 37/5A/1
Cookham DeanPrimitive Methodist ChapelBaptisms 1885-1956D/MC15/7A/1
Cookham DeanPrimitive Methodist ChapelBurials 1908-1969D/MS12/5C/1MF94578
Cookham DeanPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords 1842-1978D/MS12
Cookham DeanPrimitive Methodist ChurchMIsSearchroom
Cookham DeanPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Maidenhead Primitive Methodist Circuit
Cookham RiseWesleyan Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1905-1981D/MS 36
Cookham RiseWesleyan Methodist ChurchBaptisms 1967-1978D/MS 36/5A/1
Cox GreenPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Maidenhead Primitive Methodist Circuit
Cox GreenPrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1874-1918D/MS 38
Coxwell, GreatPrimitive Methodist ChurchSee Faringdon Circuit
CrowthorneMethodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1870-1998D/MS 19
CrowthorneCatholic ChurchBaptism, marriages, burials 1906-dateAt church
CumnorCongregational ChapelRecords excluding registers 1877-1896Oxfordshire Record Office
CurridgePrimitive Methodist ChurchSee also Newbury Primitive Methodist Circuit
CurridgePrimitive Methodist ChurchRecords excluding registers 1840-1944D/MS 39
DatchetCemeteryBurials 1899-1978CPC 200/14/1-4
DenchworthFox pub war memorialMIsD/EX 1303/8/8
DidcotCatholic ChurchBaptisms and burials 1934-dateAt church
DidcotCatholic ChurchMarriages 1934At church