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Swimming the 'Bucketstroke'

Posted in Activities on 07 Jul 2022

Swimmers sit with buckets on their heads c.1910 ref. WI/D194/1

You might be thinking "what's on earth is going on in this picture?". Well, this image is of the Windsor Amateur Swimming Club, c.1910 who apparently did a blindfolded swim race - with buckets on their heads! The 'bucketstroke' perhaps?

The image is taken from the album of F.L.P. Webb, c.1910-1914, (ref. WI/D194/1) which mainly relates to the Royal Albert Institute Operatic and Dramatic Society productions, but also includes photographs of local sporting and ceremonial events such as this 'bucketstroke'. It also has photos of other events of local interest, personal and family photographs and postcards of various U.K. resorts.

We have turned this curious image into an online jigsaw via Jigsaw Explorer which you can have a go at making if you'd like to. Simply click on this link and have some fun!